Sunday, 10 February 2013

Nissan Facebook Status

Good dam just finished clean the car omg I'm so dam tired n now we have a leak in the Nissan wtf....

Pis yolda olan qizlara bir meslehetim var nissan Xtrail getdiyin yollari deyiw :)

Well you have all heard about the V8 car of the future right?? The new V8 Supercar series start their racing careers this year.

So whats the difference between the old series V8 Supercar and the new one?

With the new generation of Ford's & Holden's along with the introduction of the other new cars on the block (Nissan & Mercedes E-Class), I believe that every driver and team will be on equal level footings as they will all have very different cars this year to learn to drive and set up for all the different tracks.

So much goes into racing a V8 Supercar, eg, tyres, suspension and general setup as well as driver ability for each track. All teams will be working hard to learn their new cars along with the drivers learning how to drive them.

Its going to be a great year to watch not only the drivers trying to get the most out of their machines, but also just as important, the team management and pit crews having to start from scratch learning the set ups and getting their pit lane performance's second to none.

It will be a great season, and I for one cannot wait for it to start!

So, click on this link and you will see a short video, of the modifications made to the new generation V8 Supercars.

Tell us, how do you think this season will pan out. Do you think the same teams from last year will remain at the top?

Age I was given: 27
Where I lived: red bluff/Afghanistan
What I drove: Nissan pickup/ hummv
What I did: us army
Who had my heart: no one
Age Now: 34
Where I live: Chico
What I drive: 06 Nissan xterra
What I do: army/sears
Who Has my heart: ?
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La Jolla, California...
10am, I just saw two of the most random things. 30 min ago, I saw a nice red FRS driven by a drunk/drugged driver? Plow straight into a back end of a Nissan Versa... Then just now, I saw a line of rich folks in AMG S55, a Chevrolet Silverado LT, and a vintage Jaguar XK-E getting their car hand washed on a rainy day! I need to get out of here now... I'm confused.

Lived: post falls
Dated: no one
Fear: not having a pretty smile
Drove: Nissan pulsar

Age: 22
Lives: post falls
Dating: Ken Silvestrini
Fear: losing person above
Driving: 08 Hyundai Sontata

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Age I was given: 22
Where I lived: Trenton & Georgia
What I did: went to school for legal assistant & stayed with AJ
What I drove: Nissan altima 99
Who had my heart: Aydrionna J'adore Monosiet
Fear: losing my child

Age Now: 27
Where I live: the island (in Ewing/Trenton) NJ
What do I do: work as.a substitute teacher, & accounting clerk for burea of child nutrition & go to school for my bachelors in education
What do I drive: 01 Honda accord coupe
Who has my heart: still Aydrionna J'adore Monosiet
Fear: not finishing school

I know I'm late
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Age I was given: 21
Where I lived: Monterrey, MX / Sydney, AU
What I drove: Mazda 3
What I did: School and party like a rock star
Who had my heart: one person :)

Age Now: 25
Where I live: Scranton, PA
What I drive: Nissan Sentra
What I do: work for Bounty paper towels :)
Who Has my heart: a different person :)

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The Age Game:

Age given: 25

Where I lived: LA - not sure where at this point, either Malibu Canyon or Burbank (terrible memory)
Relationship: Either in or temporarily out of a 7 1/2 year relationship with a great guy not meant for me
What I drove: ? Probably a red Nissan Pulsar
I worked at: I think at this point I was working in casting for film/tv . . .or just about to start . . . probably working for film festivals still, and also doing catering, waiting tables/valet parking to help pay bills
I wanted to be: happier than I could ever be living in LA
I feared: never finding a home for myself

Age Now: 44
Relationship: married to the right person, and a Mom to Veronica, the best job ever
What I drive: bmw X5
I work as: Shelter Coordinator for Emergency Shelter at COTS
I want to be: a blessing to others
I fear now: not living long enough to raise my child

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Age I was given: 23
where i lived: Sedro Woolley WA
What I drove: Mercury Capri
What I did: At home raising my daughter and son
Who had my heart? My children and husband
Age now: 60
Where I live: Bainbridge Island WA
What I drive: Nissan Sentra
What I do; Enjoying retirement
Who has my heart: My children
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Happy Chinese New Year from Mossy Nissan!

Ya no tengo el Nissan :'( !!!

Age Given: 23
Suggested By: OC
Married to: Don
Lived In: Virginia beach
Worked: In the Navy
Feared: nothing I can think of
Drove: Honda accord

Age Now: 32
Married to: love with Terrell Crawley
Live In: quinton
Work: Richmond air traffic control tower
Fear: being furloughed on March 1st...thanks Obama
Drive: Nissan Armada

Age I was given: 23
Where I lived: Alaska
What I drove:ford Taurus
What I did: substitute teacher
Who had my heart: my kids
Age Now: 43
Where I live: Salem Oregon
What I drive: Nissan
What I do: medical coder
Who Has my heart: Julie
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Tagged by Eileen Sabrina Herman

Age: 17
I was dating: Aaron
I worked: At Dunkin Donuts! Frosting donuts, pouring coffee, and discussing "Highlander" with the night baker biker guy. Good times.
I wanted to be: writer. or veterinarian. or president. or hockey player.
I drove: RODE shotgun in Theresa Wurzbacher's Jeep!
My biggest fear: not being good enough

Age: maybe older than you?
I am dating: I'm engaged to Daniel Colvin. Most of the time I'm happy with that.
I work: I am a law student. It's plenty of work, trust me.
I want to be: an attorney that helps right the wrongs.
I drive: a 2010 dark blue Nissan Versa named Archer (you don't watch "Archer"? WTF is wrong with you???)
My biggest fear: not being good enough

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Cfar makine perdorni ( keni ) ?

Executive Jeep Nissan will be closed Monday, Feb. 11th


Age I was given: 19
What I drove:mazda astina
What I did:chef/pregnant
Who had my heart: karl

Age now: 28
Where I live:paeroa
What I drive: nissan primera
What I do: head chef /mummy/house maid
Who has my heart:karl and my 2 boys
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Δίνει κάποιος εξετάσεις οδήγησης.
Περνάει το πρακτικό και έρχεται η σειρά των ερωτήσεων.
- Οδηγείς βράδυ, λέει ο εξεταστής, και βλέπεις δύο φώτα να έρχονται καταπάνω σου! Τι είναι;
- Αυτοκίνητο, απαντάει ο τύπος.
- Ναι ρε φίλε! Αυτοκίνητο είναι. Αλλά τί μάρκα ; NISSAN; MERCENDES; TOYOTA;
- Που να καταλάβω μέσα στην νύχτα, κύριε εξεταστά;!
- Επόμενη ερώτηση! Οδηγείς βράδυ, και βλέπεις ένα φως να έρχεται καταπάνω σου. Τι είναι;
- Μηχανή!
- Ναι, ρε παιδί μου! Μηχανή είναι. Αλλά τι μηχανή; HARLEY; VESPA; HONDA;
- Μα μέσα στο σκοτάδι, που να ξεχωρίσω, κύριε εξεταστά;
- Τελευταία ερώτηση! Αν δεν απαντήσεις, κόβεσαι. Οδηγείς βράδυ και βλέπεις δύο φώτα, ψηλότερα από το ύψος του αμαξιού σου, να έρχονται πάνω σου. Τι είναι;
- Νταλίκα, κύριε!
- Ναι, ρε παιδί μου! Αλλά τι νταλίκα; SCANIA; MAN; TRATA; Κόβεσαι!!! - Κύριε εξεταστά, να σας κάνω και εγώ μία ερώτηση. Οδηγείς βράδυ, σε έναν δρόμο με κόκκινα φώτα, και βλέπεις στο πεζοδρόμιο μία γυναίκα ντυμένη προκλητικά. Τι είναι;
- Πουτάνα!
- Ναι, ρε παιδί μου! Πουτάνα είναι. Αλλά ποιά; Η μάνα σου; Η κόρη σου; Η γυναίκα σου;

From Russell Meelberg:

Age I was given: 16
I lived in: Kennebunk, Maine
I was in a relationship with: N/A
I drove: A creamy gold Nissan Maxima with a burgundy interior
I feared: homophobia, hate, being alone
I worked at: J. J. Keating's Antique Auction House
I wanted to be: Involved with theatre and antiques/wanted to get the hell outta dodge

Now I am: 24
I live in: Chicago, IL
I am in a relationship with: Patrick Benjamin
I drive: The CTA....
I fear: Stagnancy.
I want to be: A theatre professional/stable theatrical worker

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Age I was given: 17
Where I lived: waco
What I drove: 2003 z71 Tahoe
What I did:I was in high school
Who had my heart: Adam
Age I am now: 28
Where I live: San Antonio
What I drive: 2011 Nissan maxima
What I do: country home learning center front office
Who has my heart: if they only knew!!!!
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Can people please look out for a grey Nissan micra, registration EJ54EOA

White husky stolen from Glen Burnie, MD. Thief: Girl driving a White Nissan 350Z. Please share--someone local knows something.

My age given: 20
Where i lived:Denton
What i drove: nissan quest
What i did:housekeeper
Who had my heart:Doodle
Where i live:Trinity
What i drive:jeep
What i do:warehouse work
Who has my heart:Doodle

£1195 - 1.8cc Nissan Almera Tino - 1.8cc - Full MOT - Just 50,000 Genuine Miles - 2 Lady Owners Since New, Air Con - C.D Player - 2 Keys - Alloy Wheels. Call or Txt 07944 901 901

Nissan Skyline GT-R33 Vs BMW E30

faszom a quatro gecim-be shift2őbe nitrózok ki a kanyarból és azon kapom magam hogy az S4-es már kilincsel előre halad..

I got the age 17:
Where I lived: a hotel
What I drove: a Nissan Maxima
What I did: went to school and worked
Who had my heart: Jacob Lane Luther
Fears: losing my family
Now I'm 18.
Where I live: with my mom and dad
What I drive: Ford Mustang
What I do: music <3
Who has my heart: Its a secret
Fears: Dying Alone...
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beauty & style with nissan CARS frndz

Dear LAPD: I am not the guy you're looking for so please don't shoot me!

בואו לשתות איתי

I indulged my inner car guy and spent part of the morning walking the lots. If one can finance $20000, the Honda Fit, Nissan Versa, Hyundai Elantra and the Toyota Corolla are good choices. And perhaps the Dodge Dart...

Nissan gtr r35 and Nissan skyline gtr r34

Age I was given: 20
What was I doing: starting musing school
What was I driving: black 93 Nissan Sentra
Who had my heart: Mahlik Allen

Age I am now: 36
What am I doing: OR nurse
What am I driving: 07 white Lexus 400H
Who has my heart: God

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Tired of being down for and loyal to ppl don't give me the same in return! NEVERRRR again! <3

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