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I see a lot of people who post about brotherhood and friendship yet some of these same people would have no clue. I can count how many times any number of these folks had decided to listen to others and turn their back on those they call brother/friend already without even giving their friend the beneift of the doubt or talking to them. I can also count up the number of times these same so-called friends have gone around trying to talk down their former friends when those former friends got tired of the he-said/she-said game and withdrew completely hoping that would put an end to things. I can also count how many time those friends dropped people they claim to call friends as soon as someone new or more ineresting (or who will kiss their ass more) showed up. Brotherhood is about being there for your brothers and not turning your back on them because you choose to listen to gossip and BS from your new "brothers" and "friends." Brotherhood is about not going around and trying to ruin your "brothers" reputation with mutual friends. What is even more sad is that those how complain the loudest about how OTHERS don't know how to be a friend don't know how to be one themselves. :-/

Why be jealous of someone else's success if you want it claim it. A motherfucker gone sit in my shit ion give a fuck about what you took bc you won't be able to use it anyways but you gone sit in my shit that I pay for oh okay we will see though!!

RIP Alan Wood... everyone has seen your claim to fame but very few know who you are or the contribution you made toward making the USA great


Verse 1 (reminisce);
Reminisce mo ni deep vision, battalion, platoon,
Mi o ba anybody sere omode mi o wo cartoon,
Alpha mi o ni mi man, got a lot of baboons,
Ni ile ati l’oke oya, kaduna de khartoum
Lyrics mi ni arrow mi, enu mi ni wofa
Mi o ni time lati gbon nko t’awon were yi fe offer
Smelly ni mi moti gbo, mo sha claim butter
But lowo ta wa yi, e ma dobale fun ijoba
Game ti yi, won lo ti change
Won ti tun isepin, won tun arrange
Eni ti lyrics e o ba wo range
O ma ra’ja ko ni duro gba change
Flow mi yi gan ma nigga, o ta lenu bi kilishi
I’ve moved on to greater things mi o ba yin sere
Rap ti yi si street bayi, emi de ni sugar ban
Ayi moye awon rapper ninu game wey be say na
Me dem look up ai
Gbogbo eyin i’am a rapper ejo e lo simi
Efo i, gbogbo iresi te se lo ti jimi
Shoutout s’awon temi ni street, r.i.p dagrin,
Won ni mo make wrong move mo ti hang, shit, nuri sahin
Coup de tat, military shit, take over
Ko need kin ma explain bo se ma je now, koba
Mon rap, mon korin, mon raga man, ko si eyi ti mo kin se
Scope of work mi wide gan, furo kim k
Shout out s’awon ibile seriki base one, wa do
Moti gbe koto le wa ba mi sin won, badoo

Government, ijoba, government
Government, (badoo), government

Verse 2 (olamide);
Shoutout s’awon street rappers, ibile united
Inu dagrin ma ma dun bayi, o ma wa excited
Oba mewa, igba mewa, sir money thousand
Iku owo oko monica won lo ti handsome
Emi ti take over, a ti rig election
Military regime le wa, o n gbona, smoking session
Won ni olamide ti change, won lo ti y’omo asha
Swaggu obasanjo, reban abasha
Movement to military, i don’t care attitude
One man mopol street still dey show me gratitude
Won la wa razz, won la won porsche, dem dey diss us
Won fe ma form holy, awon ejima jesus
Nollywood movie ko le n wo, i show no mercy
Shoot anybody at sight, i no know person
Kill and go soldier la won eleyi, awon muntari
Shebi you see me ladugbo anybody bi dungari
Nigboro ni king kong, street loni hip hop
Champagne t’eyin mu ninu cup lawa fin pop
To ba de industry night won ma form caucus
Slave de ni won ni record label won, fuckers
Ngbo, won le n pe olongbo ni wildcat
Ngbo, won le n pe taiye taiwo la half cast
Ema lo shiwawu, know who you fuck with
I am not human being, bi eni to ni truck feet

Verse 3 (endia);
I thought i told you that, we in front
Look am the genesis
Flowing on top of the beat, no sleeping on this
Trap on so me assist
Anywhere we dey, wether foreign, we still be
Repping da street
Flowing and killing everybeat, and we stand on our feet so you cannot defeat
See the way we walk, watch the way we talk
Step out to the street and everybody dem go mad
Mix up your mouth and my boys dem go react
High tension current we dey power we dey spark
Its like that

Ijoba, ijoba, ijoba, ijoba

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A true story.
Pliz do not ignore.

My name is joel sekuda and this is a story of kelvin a deaf kid who lives in my neighbourhood.his mother past away like a year ago and left him with his dad.

His dad is a long distance truck driver and sometimes he doesnt come home for even a he married another woman with two kids so that she could take care of kelvin when his father is not around.

This woman pretends to be loving and caring to kelvin when his dad is at home but when he is gone she turns to monster.she beats kelvin almost everytime and for nothing.she talks to him telling him to do something and when he delays trying to figure out what she wants because he cant hear she beats him up claiming that he doesnt want to do what he is told.

She gives him all the house work that her kids are supposed to do and if he is not finished in time he is denied food.i sometimes give her food bcoz i can see what is happening.all his good clothes are given to the other kids leaving him with rugs.

One day i went and bought him some clothes and i called him to my house bathed him and dressed him but when he arrived at his house,the monster was on him asking where he got the money to buy them and he was given a very crazy beating for that.and now he doesnt want me to help him becoz he is afraid.

Every evening he goes behind their house and sits on his mothers grave and start crying.he crys and crys until his tear run out.this really touches me alot and i just kneel down and pray to God to save this kid.
U knw he is deaf and he really needs help,be patient with him and love and support him but mistreating him,that is killing him.pliz lets pray for this kid.

Dear heavenly father,manifest in kelvins life,protect him from this brutality and mistreatment.brighten his future and heal his deafness.give him a loving parent and a supportive one.we pray this in jesus name.........Amen.

If u are touched and u have a merciful heart type AMEN to claim this for kelvin.


This CIC ruling could help to get citizens to monitor assets of public servants and also expose those who may not be making a truthful declaration of their assets. This is the second in a series of important judgements given by Shailesh Gandhi, former CIC that can be used in an RTI application

The public information officer (PIO) cannot deny information sought under the Right to Information (RTI) Act by claiming exemption under Section 8(1)(j) and is bound to provide information about assets of a public servant, ruled the Central Information Commission. This was one of the most important decisions given by Shailesh Gandhi, former Central Information Commissioner (CIC).

“...disclosure of information such as assets of a public servant, which is routinely collected by the public authority and routinely provided by the public servants, cannot be construed as an invasion on the privacy of an individual. There will only be a few exceptions to this rule which might relate to information which is obtained by a public authority while using extraordinary powers such as in the case of a raid or phone-tapping. Any other exceptions would have to be specifically justified,” the Commission said in its order issued on 23 July 2009.

Delhi-based Sat Prakash Tyagi sought information about assets and properties acquired by Anil Tyagi, a junior engineer (JE) with the Delhi Jal Board after his appointment. However, the PIO denied the specific information citing exemption under Section 8(1)(j).

The PIO stated that the information on the assets of JE Anil Tyagi demanded in queries (7 & 8) should not be disclosed since “the property returns submitted by the official are confidential documents and disclosure of this personal information has no relationship to the public activity or interest and hence denied under Section 8(1)(j).”

The third party, Anil Tyagi stated, “My personal property details and other allied details should not be given to the appellant (Sat Prakash Tyagi), who is already having many property dispute cases in different courts in Delhi with me. Such documents will be misused against me in the courts affecting the fair decisions in the court. Moreover we and all my family members are facing acute mental agony and fear of life from the appellant. Such matters have already being informed to the police also.”

The Commission said the Supreme Court has clearly ruled that even people who aspire to be public servants by getting elected have to declare their property details. “If people who aspire to be public servants must declare their property details it is only logical that the details of assets of those who are public servants must be considered to be disclosable. Hence the exemption under Section 8(1) (j) cannot be applied in the instant case.”

While denying the PIO and the third party’s claim for exemption of the information, the CIC in its order on 23 July 2009, asked the PIO to provide information about assets and properties of Anil Tyagi to the applicant before 10 August 2009.


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so someone is here and laid claim to the melon seed and the black gook squeezed from the back of my ear. yes I am miserable and yes someone is killing me with the world's blessing it seems. as if out of sight really is out of mind. oh where i wanna go: invisible land. man you hurt me. and no more will you beat out of me sick marvel wonders. one death on your hands sir. life, i quit.

PRAYER: God, only Your love can cast out my fear, so I put my faith in You. I know that Your presence is with me and that You will lead me through any fearful situation I face. I receive Your love. In Jesus' name! Type Amen to claim this prayer!

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the death punch sound it's our claim to fame!!


if you are reading this, know that no matter how many innocent victims you claim or how much innocent blood you shed, I'm still coming for you in the end. All of the men and women you so viciously slaughtered and disemboweled, I beat you to it. I killed them not because I hate them, I imagined those victims were you as I took their lives. It was the mere vision of you that made me kill them. I never did like you, you greasy-headed, grinning, smug, ignorant son of a bitch. My black eyes may look like I'm void of vision, but I'm not stupid. Just remember, the night that you creep into a poor girl's bedroom, you're gonna fall head over heels down the fucking stairs with your guts caught on the broken glass of the window that I smashed you into. Tonight, when I reach you, evil will battle evil, winner kills all, and the only one who will not get out alive is you. I'm coming. Sleep well.


Jane the Killer

Highly blessed and highly favored!!! The best of my story is yet to come...MY GOD is about to do something big...I claim it, I speak it into existance, and by the grace and mercy of his blood i kno im covered!!!
God has ran all through Refuge Temple today!!!
God i thank u in advance!!!!

As it looks today I have made the mistake of a lifetime .had a cash five ticket that I had lost I got in pa on march 10 drawing prize 325000 .now I have to wait kicking my self in the head a whole year to see no one claim the prize by next year

JC Cafe | Taking the Gospel to the Streets!!!!!!
PRAYER: God, only Your love can cast out my fear, so I put my faith in You. I know that Your presence is with me and that You will lead me through any fearful situation I face. I receive Your love. In Jesus' name! Type Amen to claim this prayer!

these girls at parties claim there sooo fucked up but the next day they remeber everything . mmmhm lol (x

The Bronwyn Pillar privacy breach was a farce.$250 is a good offer consiidering only names and that they had a sensitive claim was released to one person. No details or medical history was published. Thanks to media hype privacy commissioner spent whole of budget on one case. Now ACC Sensitive Claimants like me who's complete SC records were published as ACC high risk indicators and could be accessed by hundreds, the privacy com won't investigate because they don't have the resources. Melanie Reid gets a media award ACC continues their ruthless agenda of using Sensitive Claimants info to dismiss Physical Claims particularly of they have Brain Injuries

Robyn Kelly
There was a dead dog found in La Broquerie by the Water Treatment pools off Principale. The dog appeared to be shot or punctured to the chest. The RCMP have been notified. The incident has been documented in case someone comes forward to claim the dog. The dog had no collar and was a Rottweiler cross. It does not seem like the dog had suffered according to the RCMP officer as it appeared to have been injured in the same spot that it was found today. This likely occurred yesterday evening or night. There will not be an investigation at this time as it appears to be an isolated incident unless the owner comes forward and requests the same. There will likely be a media release in the Steinbach paper. If anyone notices suspicious activity like this in the RM of La Broquerie/Hanover/etc, please report it to the RCMP. If this becomes a trend, an in-depth investigation will occur according to the officer.

Niggas Claim They "getting this money" Buut Be On Fb/Twitter 24/7.

Any techies out there who know how to get rid of "Funmoods" I think that's what keeps knackering my computer Simon Fall or Clair N James Wright claim to know something about 't internet

We are coming up to the tax deadline for most Canadians. If you are self employed the deadline to file is not till June 15, BUT any money owing must be paid by April 30.

Speaking of self employed, I am seeing people who are self employed claiming EI Benefits, which is legit in CERTAIN cases, but you damn well better have a complete set of books to back up your claim.

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I think I might claim to be a batsman after the performance today with a mighty 30!

'DING DONG MOTHERF@$KDR DING DONG!!!' Who can guess what movie I am watching? I am pretty sure my brothers will know. That is if they are diehard fans like they CLAIM they are:-O We ll see!?! LOL

Whaaa??!! Peeps keep asking me " you on Twitter " I'm honestly gonna come out and say how I think of "TWITTER" it sux...shit...shite...cannont be assed.FB is enough all in one networking...and safer for me and I'm a Twitter fascist :-) pridefully i dont wanna be a fiend or claim fame tbh :/ yep sound fake but personally not for me / lifestyle too!! FB is a gudun for me...that's it :-)

A long but fun one

The Book of the Prophets

(A fictitious, almost could have been written by Samuel… maybe)

(The names have been changed to protect the dead, hehehe. Wait a minute, Jesus said that God is the Father of the Living not the dead, so the names have been changed to protect the Living, but they are dead. Ohhhh, so they are the Living dead, no that doesn’t sound right, that would make them zombies. Ohhhh, I know the names have been changed to protect the dead living. No, no, no, that would make them us Christians. Anyway the names have been changed to protect, but the spirit of our story has not changed).

"Oh Lord God Most High, I know you have spoken to me. I know that I know. I am surrendered to You. You work through me. But this is new O’ LORD. This has never been done amongst Your people. I see there are Scriptures that pertain to anointing a person as a king, but it has never been done before. Am I so lifted up in pride that I think I am the fulfillment or the father of the prophets that anoint kings? What if it wasn’t You? You seem to have gifted me is this area but the congregation says that prophets are not for today. What if I anoint Saul as king and he messes things up, I know he will do a good job as king. But what if, won’t everyone say that I didn’t hear you correctly and that I anointed the wrong king? You know I am only trying to do exactly as you command. But what if I screw this up? What if I do every thing right but at one point I fall into a transgression and You don’t fulfill the words I prophecy, because of my sin or my misunderstanding and then Your Name falls into disrepute. What if I prophecy wrong? You know how there where those three hundred and fifty prophets on Mount Carmel that all died. Look at how they lead all but seven thousand of Your people astray.

I mean look at my friend Abraham and all that he had to go through. First of all look at all the flack he said he got when he told his family that he was quitting his job, leaving Babylon and heading off to an unknown location. “Ha ha” they all laughed, “Little Abram who married his sister and now was dishonoring his family’s household by leaving them all behind”. The church warned him, “You know Abram there are no Scriptures to back up your claim that you first of all heard from God, and second of all that God would recommend sending you to an unknown location. You better be careful or you will end up like one of those heretics, and next thing you know, you will be sacrificing one of your sons up on a mountain somewhere”. I believe O’ God that Abraham was one of Your prophets, and that You called him. But when he prophesied about the destruction of Sodom as you told him, you know none of the Canaanites or his servants believed him, even though they couldn’t find Sodom or Gomorrah for centuries after his prophecy.

And look at my friend Noah he worked on that boat. I think he said he worked on it for a hundred years. And all the flack he got from that. They all laughed and said, “If he was going to build a Cruise Ship at least he could do was build it near the lake, so at least we would have a party boat to use on nice Summer days.”

And look at my prophet friend Isaiah, he prophesied about the coming of the Messiah, and You should have heard all the laughter at his death when his prophecies were not fulfilled? I guess You did hear all of them, You are God, I hope you are God that I am speaking too. Did I dial the wrong number? Hello…Hello…

Anyway, people make it so hard to first of all hear Your voice. They say, God doesn’t speak to people now days, and if He does that it definitely wouldn’t be to me. Then they say, you have to find the right Scripture to back up what you say. And I haven’t even gotten the first book of Samuel completed yet. So, I have to rely on just six books. I would Love to have 66 books to rely upon. It seems everyone tries to rely on their knowledge of good and evil to discern prophecies given to them by You. I feel sorry that they don’t want to hear Your voice for themselves. I wonder if we still have the choice my friend Adam had, of eating from the two trees? You remember the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of Life. Oh yeah You created them and you forget nothing but our sins. They all seem to condemn him, and blame him for his choice but don’t we all do the same thing, use of our understanding of good and evil to figure out what you are doing through people and condemn them, instead of going to you in prayer, into the garden to hear what You have to say on a subject. And I thought Adam got a bad wrap, Oh you should hear the sermons on the sins of Eve that are preached in Your house. Ohhhh yeah, I forgot. You do hear all those sermons. I forgot You are God.

Maybe it is that they are not interested in Your input into their lives. I know that they are fearful that your enemy will send them false prophets to lead them away, but if they would look for You and see You for who You are, they would have very little problems discerning if a prophet was speaking from You or Your enemy. For they would intimately know Your abounding Love. And come to You and listen to what you have to say. I guess utter dependency on You in this world is too scary for them, even though they claim to be great men of faith. I thought faith and fear where opposites? Maybe they only have faith to receive Your promises and haven’t learned yet to have faith in Your commands and spiritual facts like: My sheep hear my voice and will never follow a stranger for they do not recognize a stranger’s voice. I guess the promise comes by faith. But if they had true faith and just accepted Your word at their face value like little children and believed, then they would hear Your voice. But they all seem to rationalize it away. “Scripture is God’s voice”, “My church is God’s voice”, “That does not apply today”. Even though You said your word will never pass away. I wonder if ‘never’ has ended already. God is ‘never’ already passed? Ohhhh, I didn’t think so either… I guess if they had faith they wouldn’t be so concerned if they understood something wrong from somebody, for they would have faith that You are at work and that You would figure it all out according to Your purposes. For I know You work all things for the good of those who love God and are called according to your purposes. Oh God would you write that down somewhere by one of your other prophets, maybe my friend Paul. And then You say, ‘let the weeds grow up with the wheat’, but they keep mowing down the fields of the prophets so no one is lead astray. I know they have good intent, but by not letting prophetics grow in their churches, they are not letting people express their giftings in the church. And then they wonder and complain why there are so many pew warmers. They all keep crying for You to have Your way and for there to be freedom. But if they would just let some of the giftings flow then they would come to find those who You raise up and they could put the Specially Gifted Prophets in control of the new prophets that are just entering Your kingdom. And they would be in charge of discerning and training young prophets when they make a mistake or add meaning to what You say. You know how many times I have done that. You know when You would speak something to me and in my own understanding I would say, ‘Ohhhh that must mean this or that or that word You say is suppose to happen in this or that amount of time. I so glad You have grace to cover my own understanding, while I was still so addicted to eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I remember that You told one of my friends, let the prophets be subject to the prophets, and that was such a good idea You had God, You always seem to come up with good ideas. But they are so scared to relinquish any control or even to trust another minister who is working as hard as them with as much fervor for You, that has a church across the street from them. Fear, fear, fear. All I see is Fear. I guess that is the product of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Or I should say one of its fruits. Yeah I remember Adam said it had a lot of other fruits on it, shame, wrath, fury, death, separation from You, curses, punishment, enmity, pain, subjection to other earthly authorities, painful toil, banishment, blame, and it had thorns and thistles growing from it too. Wow it sure has a lot of yucky fruit on it God, no wonder You don’t want us eating from it.

But Father let us prophets be full of faith, even though my friend Paul said ‘You consider us as sheep to be slaughtered’. I don’t know God… am I willing to trust You to be slaughtered? It would be nice to have the faith my friend Job had when he said, ‘Thou You slay me, yet I will trust You’. He told me afterwards that even though he was a blameless man, still You allowed him to go through what he did, to get him to quit eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. For, he was relying of his own understanding of why he was being blessed or punished. For You kept saying to him, ‘Where were you, do you understand these things, tell Me if you know?’ Yep. You were definitely after his understanding of good and evil. And all Job could say was, ‘Surely I spoke of things to wonderful for me to know… Therefore I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes’. But Job said, ‘Once You had removed the root of the tree of knowledge of good and evil out of his heart and he had repented of eating from the tree of knowledge you blessed him doubly. Wow how much You Love my friend Job and how important it is that you remove that tree. You let all his children be put to death, all of his wealth to be stricken and all his flesh to be diseased, just to humble him and get him to turn away from that tree and just rely on You for knowledge. Wow God, that tree must be so hard on us, that You are willing to put us through all of that just to give us a better life in You. Is that why so many Christians are having a hard time with fear, shame, separation from You, feelings of Your judgment of their lives, curses, enmity, pain, subjection to other earthly authorities, painful toil, banishment, blame, and thorns and thistles in their lives? Maybe I should talk to my friend Paul, I wonder if this is the same type of allegory or figurative picture of the two covenants that he is always talking about; Because the Law and human effort do bring about these symptoms? I’ll have to ask him how his letter he is writing to the Galatians is going. Paul will probably ask me if I have surrendered my writings to the cross, I think what he means the cross is the altar. I wonder if my prophetic gift is kicking in right now about a future conversation with the apostle Paul or is it the Holy Spirit of God trying to convict me. That would be a good question anyhow. Am I willing to have all my efforts become nothing? Even this book You told me to write, this book of Samuel will it endure through out the generations or will my computer fail and all my papyrus scrolls rot? God, I know you know for you know all things, will you please tell me? No, you won’t tell me. Can you give me just a hint, huh? Please? Pretty please? No, pretty please with sugar on top? No, how about if I whine and cry and try to manipulate you with my emotions? Oh yeah, I tried that already it doesn’t work. Darn, well I guess it’s up to You.

Written by James Wood
Copyright © 2007 James Wood

P.S. This is for your enjoyment or chagrin only; this is not a homework assignment.

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Dear Premier Helen Zille, let’s talk frankly...
Onkgopotse JJ Tabane
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22 Apr 2013 11:57 (South Africa)
Maybe all the missteps in Helen Zille’s term of office in the Western Cape are merely PR gaffes, like any politician is allowed to make. But, in the wake of the refugee scandal, the open-toilet fiasco and the closure of schools, instead of focussing on the tasks at hand, the Western Cape premier wants to rewrite history and cast the DA in a starring role as a revolutionary organisation that fought tooth and nail for our liberation. Zille is fighting for a better past when the party has so many more important matters on its plate.
Dear Premier Helen Zille,
You are a formidable politician. Since ascending to the position of leader of the official opposition and premier of the Western Cape you have outshone any other leader that has made an attempt at both responsibilities. You have made your mark, whether one agrees with you or not. You have grown the Democratic Alliance into an undisputed pain in the side of the ruling party. You stamped your authority all right, even making sure someone who was, only a few years ago, an intern in your office became leader of your party in Parliament. You have excelled in high political manoeuvre and you are unrivalled in your party, totally erasing your predecessor’s “fight black” legacy and most recently even literally erasing him from the DA’s latter-day timeline. A sign of the times.
Only a through-and-through politician can manage such amnesia. Politicians don’t remember much these days as we have seen. Despite your usually high standards we have seen that even you are only human – forgetting who sponsored your breakfast recently and also your dinner apparently, although you eventually remembered the outstanding taste of the dinner at the Guptas’ compound and all the donations that went with it. Who would have thought that the official opposition could share funders with the ruling party? You do have the knack for breaking new ground! But then this is politics and all politics is a stage where politicians “like shadows”, like you, “strut and fret their hour upon the stage and are soon to be heard no more... full of sound and fury... signifying nothing” if you would let me steal from Shakespeare.
What are we to make, dear premier, of your recent tendencies to be a chameleon that chooses to change colour depending of who or what is next to it. One minute you lambast the Guptas for being funders of the ANC, the next minute you eat their dinner and breakfast because you think no one is watching. And then you claim to have forgotten. What are we to make of your Pinocchio moments in appointing service providers in the Western Province and the uncharacteristic meddling in the appointment of a communications agency in your province? What should we make of your recent closure of schools in your province in the face of so many children in the province being denied access to schools? Did you really need the court to tell you that the closure of these schools is not in the interests of the children? What has happened to the young activist journalist at the Rand Daily Mail who, while benefiting from the white privileges afforded to her then, and while not sharing fish and chips with her black counterparts out on the stoep, was nevertheless conscious enough to be considered an enemy of the state?
Would that activist have been so against black economic empowerment that black companies and people would feel so unwelcome in your province. Would that activist have allowed herself to classify fellow citizens as refugees and spend weeks defending this heresy and only withdrawing it when there was no choice in the face of public and private outrage? Would she be so deeply in denial about racism in her backyard?
Premier, maybe all these missteps in your term of office in the Western Cape are merely PR gaffes like any politician is allowed to make. But, Madam, you are exceeding your quota fast. I thought with the refugee scandal, the open-toilet fiasco and the rat-bite and so on you would consider the PR plate full, but no...
Now you want to rewrite history with the DA featuring as a revolutionary organisation that fought tooth and nail for our liberation.
You want people to “know the DA differently”. But in your script the association with the National Party, despite its treacherous history of oppressing our people, is sidestepped and you pretend to be surprised that many black South Africans think you want to bring back Apartheid. Well no wonder...
You don’t tell those who are encountering you afresh that the “alliance” in your name has its roots in collusion with the party responsible for implementing the architecture of Hendrik Verwoerd’s Apartheid. You wouldn’t show pictures of Helen Suzman meeting with Verwoerd, now would you, or Tony Leon meeting with Kortbroek? Because if your association with Suzman as a predecessor whose legacy can now be exploited for sweet electoral victory, then your latter-day association and alliance with the National Party paints you as a successor of these unpalatable characters and other white males whose mission was to prop up Apartheid. In life you have to take the good with the bad. But quite frankly, Madam, throwing an ailing Mandela into the mix is only making things worse for you as a political chameleon.
But that is not all. One of your most dynamic leaders, who sold his post-political soul by promoting the country as ambassador in Argentina, was written out of your script... virtually... probably to avoid people who are ignorant not coming across his “fight black” antics. You skip Verwoerd, you skip Kortbroek and now you skip Leon so that your party is squeaky clean. All so that the DA can project itself as rubbing shoulders with Mandela. This is cheap. This is an attempt to rewrite history. The party that was predecessor to the DA sat in a parliament that excluded Africans. In that parliament decisions to buy arms from all over the world to kill our people were blessed. Remember that. Allow people to remember that you were not as revolutionary as the Mandela you are now usurping. Tell people also that this Suzman was no angel as she stood opposing grants to liberation movements from the World Council of Churches, among many controversial decisions she backed during her active years. So much for playing your part in opposing Apartheid.
With Mandela in and out of hospital this must be the most shameful thing to do. Hopefully you have asked the Mandela family for permission to this misleading picture. Mandela’s daughters are on the prowl and may well be after you soon. Lots of people are exploiting the Mandela name from all walks of life. You have joined this charade with a straight face. How do you sleep at night with this attempt to pull the wool over our people’s eyes? How can you embark on such an embarrassing exercise of fighting for a better past using the icon of our people?
In 2009 you said that the ANC must stop relying on its struggle credentials. What has since changed about people not referring to history but to the present in choosing parties to govern? Or have you since discovered that it did not work out?
But this goose and gander politics is not new to you when we take into account the all-male cabinet you appointed in 2009, claiming that of the entire 51% of people who voted for you in the Western Cape, there are no women capable of ascending to the provincial cabinet.
Many people who thought you had potential to lead this country to a new politics of honesty have now found you to be a total letdown. From the corruption of appointing an agency illegally and extending its contracts, to allowing your politically-appointed adviser to sit in on a process best left to bureaucrats, to accepting money from funders you have lambasted in the past and then pretending not to remember and to arrogantly labelling fellow South Africans as refugees you have proved that, like any other politician, you are not to be trusted. Not really.
I suppose with all this out there, it is now to the gutter as 2014 beckons.
Yours frankly,
Onkgopotse JJ Tabane
Onkgopotse JJ Tabane

PLEASE SHARE THIS TO OTHER MUSLIMS...(if it makes sense to you)

It seems the "B" word is now THE term used to refer to girl, woman or female.

I see so many posts And memes with stuff like
"B¡@(€$ be like.."

It's so sad that i see SO MANY MUSLIMS DOING IT.

Honestly, Have you learn't nothing about respect And choice of words in Islam?

Would you call your mom that?
Seriously, When telling someone about your mom or
sisters... Would you say "that B?"
or if your friends referred to your mom as "THAT B" ..
Would you just sit there listening to them? Actually Some Boys WOULD just sit there because i bet you're the one that gave them the
impression that it was Ok in the first place, right?
I guess she IS a female to you, right? Astagfurillah.

Simply don't call others What you wouldn't want others to call you or the people you care about.
You can't possibly think of defending them if you do it too?

I saw a post the other day Where a CHRISTIAN
SAID "Islam is the mother of BOKo haram"
And All the MUSLIMS.. 99% of them were just sending insults!
1st of all, the person you're insulting would not even get the insults so you're just wasting your time!
2ndly, Is that How Islam thought you to handle critics And people that were against your beliefs? Is it?
If they call you animals, aren't you proving them right by acting that way?
I mean, What happened to

" Abû Hurayrah relates that Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said:

“Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should speak a good word or remain silent.”
[ Sahîh al-Bukhârî and Sahîh Muslim ]

i know we're supposed to defend our religion But is this the right way? How did the prophet (pbuh) handle ignorant people? Did you ever he used insults to get people to Understand Islam?

Some MUSLIMS are destroying our reputation rather than defending it.
All these insults And despicable manners are NOT ISLAMIC!
How can you honestly change People's minds about Islam when you, yourself are practicing it wrongly?
If you want to be a Muslim then be A REAL MUSLIM.
Don't be like those un-Islamic MUSLIMS that just CLAIM TO BE MUSLIMS.
You can't blame a non Muslim for calling us barbaric when we act this way!

Please.. Try your best to portray Islam as What it really is! NOT How you feel feel/think it is.

"How you react to those who disagree with you & those who excel beyond you displays your true character."

Weather you are a friend, a family member or a friend of a friend, take a minute while you are reading this post to put yourself in my brothers shoes. You're at home late one night & the doorbell rings. You look out & see a badge being shown to you by police officers. Not knowing what the hell is going on, you question what they are there for. They say they need to bring your son in for questioning of a crime that was committed in the local area. You go with your son to the police station where he is put in a room & questioned over & over about what has happened while you are waiting for him terrified as to what is happening. He is asked numerous times if he was involved in this crime which the response is always NO. The officer explains to him that his cell phone # is the only reason he is being questioned. He states that he never called that # & doesn't even know who it belongs to. He even agrees to give a DNA sample to prove he is innocent. After some time your son returns. You are then taken back to your home to await further info. from the police. The next day as my brother is driving to work he is pulled over & arrested for this crime. He is bruised because they CLAIM he resisted arrest. He is handcuffed & shackled & brought to the precinct. Your phone now rings to find out it's your son on the other end saying he was arrested & he needs you to call his sons mother to tell her what has happened because he won't be able to call his son to wake him up for school. He is then charged with this crime & held without bail for 4 months before his attorney tells him he should take a plea deal or he will go away for double the time. Afraid & horrified that he won't see his family for possibly 30 yrs. if he doesn't take the deal, he has no choice but to take the plea & he is put away for 14 yrs. followed by 14 yrs. probation. After 3 long yrs. of my brother being away, we have researched every possible avenue including all paperwork & DVD's to find that in fact there is no sound evidence that they have on my brother & there were so many things that were improperly done by his attorney that 3 yrs of his life SO FAR have been wasted & he should not be away in the first place. My parents had to suffer through the initial shock of this happening 3 yrs. ago when the doorbell rang & my sister & I as well as our families have been suffering ever since. If you are a friend of a friend & you don't personally know my brother, anyone can tell you that this is totally not his character nor his demeanor. He is a kind, loving & caring person & would be there in a heartbeat if you needed his help. PLEASE offer your help to him now! He needs your support! If you would just post a small comment to say what you think about what you have just read after being in his shoes for the amount of time it took for you to read my post, it would be so much appreciated!!! This horrible event could happen to you or someone in your family! Lori

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, i've been having fun with the guys down at @Car Audio & Security all weekend!

Back on it tomorrow once I've dropped Gunter off at the body shop <3

Remember you can still claim 2FOR£25 on tees, enter the code 'SUMMER' at check out <3


I can't stand people in their 20's who act all stuck up and boring and claim they're "mature". Dude, its literally the best decade of your life, live that shit up and go nuts because after 30, it's all downhill. Truth.

Just for the sake of controversy

I have always liked eminems music, I don't care what 2 clowns say about him. Dude is a beast lyrically, and if ppl disrespected my daughter I'd be all up their ass too.

Closed minded people are just as hard to listen to as some of ICPs music. Keep in mind I said some. I will always respect the scene I literally grew up in but the hate with out a reason is childish.

Be a real artist if that's what you claim you are and respect those who made something out of nothing

Do u Eva ask urself dis question "hw many ppl will eventually make it 2 heaven" I ask myself dis same question evryday cus we r all surrounded by sins eventhough som ppl claim d r beta dan odas, dis beta ones r doz who tell cheap lies jst so d wnt accpt faults, who put on sunglasses even in winter jst 2 admire a woman's back engine(bakassi) unnotice, who travel miles away 4rm deir neighborhood jst 2 take a bottle of beer n no1 will recognize dem n so on.... Bt I tell u, only 20% of ppl will go 2 hell 4rm sins we consider big sins lyk fornication,adultery,killin,smokin etc. D rest will b 4rm smaller sins as we call it lyk dyin broke,livin a poor boyfrien who has a bright future 4 a rich 1 who might nt even b gud lukin or educated,wearin dresses dat r 2 short n sittin in front of church confusin d man of God,joinin d Nig police,nt bein able 2 say a common gudmrnin 2 som1,spendin 2 much of a man's hard earned money on hair alone,lickin ice cream even wen u r cold jst bcos a man must spen,gossipin,lyin,borin ppl around u,nt sharin ur boyfrien wit oda gals who dnt hav any,cookin meals dat r 2 delicious disturbin d nose of ur neighbors,hatin,pingin on d road n late in2 d nyt wen u cnt spen n hr 2 read @ nyt,holdin 4 big phns dat 4 big men bought 4 u,goin 2 ur neighbor's rum 2 charge ur BB evry single tym he runs his gen jst bcos u cnt stop pingin,changin ur local names 2 gold n diamond wen u introduce urself 2 som1 of d opposite Salman Khan,Savin som1's name in ur Phn as mugu1,2,3....,takin a gal out n buyin her d whole fast food while u settle 4 only bottle water,invitin ur wicked hungry friens wen u force a new boy 2 take u out n still goes home wit take away,takin n neva givin,borrowin,wastin precious tym n energy watching Nig home videos,still livin in ur fada's hauz at d age of 30,sendin ur kids 2 public skuls,puttin 50naira as offerin in church wen u knw d pastor does nt hav any oda work, etc. D list is jst 2 long

I find it humorous when people change their status in order to b engaged to someone n ur already married dont u have to divorce the one ur married to first b4 u can b engaged to someone else females crack me up. Face book never fails to b a endless sorce of entertainment when it comes to relationships i guess they have to post that to make themselves feel better about them selfs n a pretend world of make believe got to love some females its sad how they proclaim they n a relationship when actually the one u claim ur with or engage to is in love with someone else n not them cracks me up

Dear sisters ♥.
You May not wear hijab, you may claim you're not ready. But Remember one day you will die and a believer is wrapped from Head to toe when put in the grave. So dont let the day you die, be the first day you wear hijab.

That's Why I Don't Claim Shit It's Doin To Much But Everybody Know Who I Fw Though

Godliness is not a right to claim but a choice to make and it takes Godliness to go d top n stay there...Grace 2 live a life of santification is what i need oh lord.

Its shameful to see people who never for once advise the boko haram sect to lay down their weapon, or condemn their devilish act of killing innocent people & destroying places of worship, are now shouting that Nigerian Army are killing Muslim.. when will north stop this sentimental thing & face reality..? there is no way the people of Baga community will claim not to know about boko haram activity in that area.. What has happen, is the consequence of associating with the wrong people at the wrong time..

A very beautiful girl and a good christian
One fateful Saturday night at around 10 pm when she was coming
back from the Church
... Ritualists wanted to kidnap her
But they saw two mighty men with sword following her and protecting
They ran away and never came back..
The girl knowing what God did for her..
Thanked God...
Any Person that is trying kill you will die
You shall not die
2013 will not pass you,rather you will pass 2013
Your enemies will not attend Your burial,rather You will attend their
God is blessing you
God is protecting you
God is forgiving your sins
God is giving you victory
God is opening your ways
Type AMEN to Claim this prayer with Faith...
Feel Free to Share

Hoes always claim they got haters .. bitch what's hating on you ? The roaches in your kitchen ? Have a seat !! ●_●

Online Sales Tax Law

Members of the U.S. Senate are joining with big business to impose billions of dollars in sales taxes on people who buy goods over the Internet. This annual ritual to hammer companies who do business online has a fair chance of approval this year as local and state governments make their case that they need more money to spend on government.

The Marketplace Fairness Act would bind online companies to act as tax collectors for 45 states that collect taxes on sales. That means that many consumers who have enjoyed a tax holiday by shopping online will now be taxed on goods purchased.

Most state tax laws were passed before the advent of computers, smartphones and online stores. Because states never foresaw the creation of the Internet, online sales allow customers to dodge the sales tax imposed by states on businesses.

Supporters of the online tax claim that online businesses have an advantage over physical retailers that are required to collect taxes for governments. The shopper can simply buy the same item online and avoid the sales tax. The brick and mortar store then misses out on the sale. That's not fair, advocates of the online tax argue. The National Governors Association is also desperate for the estimated $23 billion in tax revenue that the online tax collection scheme would shovel into state coffers.

Proponents argue that online sales cross state lines, and they are therefore subject to the Interstate Commerce clause. That means that Congress can wave its magic Commerce Clause wand and decree that online merchants must collect the tax that would be equivalent to what a state would collect.

Opponents fire back that keeping track of thousands of different sales tax schemes would be an unfair burden on their operations. For example, would chocolate bunnies be taxed as a good or be allowed to escape the sales tax because it's technically food? These kinds of tax conundrums have kept the online sales tax monster caged for decades.

Congress is trying to overcome these objections by hitting businesses with the tax collection scheme only if their sales exceeded $1 million annually. The small online mom and pop operators would be exempt from collecting the online tax. Congress may also require states to simplify their sales tax collection schemes before entering the online sales tax lottery. Trying to get 50 states to agree on standardized tax sales legislation should only take about 1,000 years. It's also possible that some sharp guy or gal might work up an app that would make figuring out 10,000 different tax schemes a snap.

Leftist cheerleaders for this tax scheme, including most Democrat governors, are calling opponents cranky, old libertarians who oppose all taxes. Those opponents, including most Republican governors, are characterizing the pro-sales tax forces as big government and big business taxers who want to stick it to the little guy.

Sales tax cheerleaders are scolding online businesses, telling them to grow up and take their tax medicine. “You are big boys now and e-commerce sales are a major part of the U.S. economy,†proponents say. E-commerce sales now make up 5 percent of the economy with $186 billion in retail sales in 2012.

The pro-sales tax forces are trying to push through the Internet measure in the U.S. Senate before the anti-tax opponents can muster their base. Senator Harry Reed, majority leader in the Senate, rushed the online tax act onto the Senate floor before hearings could be held in committee. It was only a few days ago that senators were allowed to read what was in the legislation.

Opponents quickly went on the attack, voicing concerns that online businesses would be burdened with collecting taxes for about 10,000 different local and state taxing authorities. The anti-sales tax forces complained that businesses would be strong-armed into collecting taxes for far-away governments where they had no representation.

Walmart and other giant retailers, including Amazon, are boosters of the tax because they can easily absorb the financial cost of government-decreed tax collection, while smaller businesses will be hit with another unaffordable government dictate.

Opponents also argue that this sales tax scheme is an attack on a 1992 U.S. Supreme Court decision. In Quill v North Dakota, the court ruled that remitting and collecting taxes where they had no presence was an unnecessary burden. The decision set an important legal precedence concerning cross-state taxation.

Online version: Online Sales Tax Law

I have come to realize , almost everygirl in michigan from my generation are just plain nasty. I have some respect for yourself. nobody cares that you talk ghetto, or claim you're from the ghetto because you look disgusting.

Al-Jaafari: West Raising Chemical Weapons Issue Part of Pressure Campaign

Apr 28, 2013

NEW YORK, (SANA) – Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, said that western countries are raising the issue of chemical weapons use in Syria is part of the campaign of pressure exerted on Syria in order to get concessions from it in various issues.

In an interview with the Lebanese NBN TV channel, al-Jaafari said that since the crisis began, Syria's enemies utilized various methods to pressure Syria, including investing circumstances and issues like humanitarian aid, the displaced, and observer and envoy missions.

Al-Jaafari responded to US State Secretary John Kerry who said that a no-fly zone can be imposed or the opposition may be armed in case the use of chemical weapons use is proven, saying that a no-fly zone can only be implemented via the Security Council which is impossible, while talk about arming the opposition is mere smoke and mirrors as this is already happening.

He pointed out that Turkey opened its borders to all forms of infiltration, training, funding and sponsoring of terrorists who are gathered from across the world, noting that UN Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Ibrahimi informed the Security Council a week ago that there are 40,000 armed foreign terrorists fighting in Syria.

Al-Jaafari said that while the west is fully capable of conspiring against Syria and is doing so now, it cannot produce a Security Council resolution allowing it to impose a no-fly zone over Syria or part of it.

He also noted that Syria presented an official request to the UN Secretary-General to help investigate the use of chemical weapons in the town of Khan al-Asal in Aleppo Countryside, but when the Security Council convened to discuss this issue, the ambassadors of France and Britain made unsubstantiated claims that chemical weapons were used in Homs four months before that, prompting the Russian Chairman of the Council to ask them why they waited four months to speak of this, but they didn't answer; instead they requested that Homs be listed among the areas that the proposed inspection team should visit.

Al-Jaafari said that Russia's representative Vitaly Chrukin criticized this French-British action, considering an attempt to undermine the official request for investigating chemical weapons use in Aleppo, explaining that the west's goal from this is to repeat the Iraqi scenario by opening Syria to undisciplined inspection covered by UN mechanisms and undermine Syria's sovereignty by making claims of chemical weapons use.

He stressed that the Syrian government is more invested in the safety of its people than anyone else, which is why it requested that France, Britain and the UN Secretary-General share any information they have, and if the information proves to be credible and if the inspection team is proven to be impartial and objective, then the Syrian government itself will ask the Secretary-General to help investigate the other allegations, adding that the other side doesn't want an investigation to take place, because it knows full well who actually used the chemical weapons.

Al-Jaafari pointed out to the UN inspection teams that worked in Iraq and found no WMDs, yet despite that Iraq was occupied and destroyed, adding that the Security Council refused to officially register the part of the report presented by the inspection committee in 2008 that clearly stated that they didn't find anything; instead, the committee's mission was secretly terminated and its documents were sealed in boxes that can only be declassified and opened after 60 years, wondering how all this could have happened in an international organization supposedly characterized by transparency.

He said that Syria's enemies fabricated various issues to pressure Syria's but to no avail, and now they're attempting to exploit the Security Council to recreate the Iraqi scenario, asserting that they will not succeed in these machinations because Syria has real friends in the Security Council, and because experts are presenting credible reports like the recent one which stated that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the UAE are all involved in smuggling weapons into Syria.

Al-Jaafari pointed out that arming and funding terrorists seeks to thwart a political solution to the crisis in Syria, and that the call by the Arab League Secretary General to arm the opposition constitute a summary execution of Ibrahimi's mission and proves that the League's claims of seeking a peaceful resolution are mere lies.

He also wondered at how some Arabs have doubts about the ill intents of some western countries towards the Arab world despite these countries' history in the region, noting that there are those who seek to draw the US into a new war, but the final say in such a matter is up to the White House and President Obama personally, not the US State Department.

Al-Jaafari said that western and Arab Gulf countries were counting on extremists going to Syria to murder innocent Syrians and die there themselves, by which they would be rid of those ruffians, but the problem is that some of these extremists managed to return to their own countries and so the capitals involved in this matter became afraid that these terrorists could rally in western countries and continue their path of violence and terrorism there.

He explained that Syria informed the Security Council that there are members of Al Qaeda and its affiliate Jabhet al-Nusra operating in Syria, in addition to other groups affiliated with Al Qaeda, and that Ibrahimi pointed out to the threat these groups will pose if they spread in the Arab world and the west.

Al-Jaafari said that Ibrahimi considered the Geneva process void after the Arab League's decision at the Doha summit to arm the opposition and view the extremist external opposition as the sole representative of the Syrian people, which prompted Ibrhaimi to say that he's now flying with one wing, and reports are suggesting that asked to be relieved from the other wing which is the Arab League which betrays him and lies to him, adding that Arabs aren't overly concerned with Ibrahimi and know that he will soon abandon the part of his mission which is representing the Arab League.

He stressed that the Arab League fired the coup de grace at Ibrahimi's mission like they did with al-Dabi, Anan and Gen. Mood before, because those who manipulate the Arab League – particularly Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the Turkish influence – don't want the shedding of Syrian blood to end.

Al-Jaafari affirmed that those who shed Syrian blood and who reject peaceful settlement and dialogue can't be considered honest opposition no patriots; rather they are pawns of foreign forces that have scores to settle with Syria and ending its support for the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance and its support for the Palestinian cause, which would effectively terminate the Palestinian cause, with the next targets being Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Algeria.

He said that all Syrians are responsible for preserving it, keeping it strong and impregnable and rebuilding it, asserting that the Syrians are fully capable of this.

Al-Jaafari said that the media war of exaggeration against Syria seeks to poison the international and Arab public opinion by promoting an erroneous image of what is actually happening in Syria, affirming that the Syrian government isn't killing its own people as some claim; rather it's facing armed terrorist who commit suicide bombings in residential areas, murder students in schools and universities, and undermine the national economy's infrastructure.

He pointed out that resolving the situation on the ground is vital in forging a final decision on the situation in Syria, and that an effective resolution of the situation will weaken what little credibility the terrorist groups have left and expel foreign terrorists from Syria after their failure in the tasks given to them by their sponsors .

Al-Jaafari noted that the UN isn't a charity organization; rather it reflects the balance of global forces and is the fruit of victory over Nazism and fascism in WWII, adding that there is an international movement that doesn't want influential countries to continue abusing UN mechanisms to undermine countries' sovereignty and exploit and manipulate them.

He explained that there are ongoing deliberations at the Security Council with no clear broad lines regarding the final directions the deliberations will take, adding that Jordan asked for holding a closed session on Tuesday to discuss the issue of displaced Syrians in Jordan and ask for international aid.

Al-Jaafari s noted that when Syria hosted millions of Iraqis who fled the aftermath of the US invasion and many Lebanese and Palestinians, the Syrian government didn't go begging at anyone's door; rather it upheld its duty towards them which is something it doesn't regret because Syria believes that helping its brothers and sisters is a religious, moral and national duty.

H. Sabbagh

Claim over Labour intent to liberalise abortion laws rejected

"There is no way to conquer any sin (homoSalman Khanuality, fornication, adultery, drugs, etc) with words and talk. You’ve got to commit your life to God. To Allah. And when you feel weak, that’s when you turn to Allah and Pray HARD! Then Get Up and Fight against what it is that you KNOW will take you under. (Death and Destruction) You can’t give in to it! Don’t give in to it! Fight. And if you fight for what is right, you’ll find God fighting with you, along side you, helping you to gain victory over your weaknesses and mine.
And all of you that are Muslims, and those of you who are attempting to be righteous, You cannot have partnership and friendship with the unrighteous and claim to be the righteous. If you are a righteous person, what do you look like “Hangin” out, with even your best buddy of yesterday If he’s dealing drugs and you hang out with him, then you’ve hooked on with death. And soon you will pay the consequence of your friendships. You can’t socialize with nobody who has not accepted to live a righteous life. Once you accept righteousness you’ve got to break off from that which is unrighteous. In the beginning God separated light from darkness. They could not coexist, light with light, darkness with darkness. If I accept righteousness then all of my buddies who I used to smoke reefer with, I love them, but I can’t hang no more. I’ve got to walk with those who are trying to refrain from an unrighteous life so that their strength will cover me when I get weak and mine will cover them when they get weak. But if I hang out with the weak then I’ll get weak again. Whatever your weakness is or the thing that you are trying to overcome, don’t hang out with people that are doing the very thing that you are trying to get away from.

And if they say, “Well look man, me and you was ace coon, you know, we was boon coon and everything...”you tell them, “I know, But Brother I want you to come on to the Mosque with me.” And if they say, “Oh no, yall aint going to get me over there and change me up.” Well if you don’t want to change, I love you, you’re my Brother, but I’ve got to move on.
I keep kindly company in the world, with all kinds of people. But you will never find me “hangin out” with nobody that has not accepted to live a righteous life. I don’t “hang.” You don’t find me “hangin” no place. You won’t find me in no bar room, that aint my crowd. Those are my brothers and sisters but that’s not my crowd. I don’t want you hanging in a bar. I want you out of the bar and the bar out of you. I want you to do constructive things with your life. I’m not going in a bar and sit down to order even a glass of milk. Because I don’t belong in that kind of company. I don’t belong in that kind of place. “Oh you think you’re to good?” Yes I’m too good for that kind of place.
How are you going to tell me you used to be a prostitute and hanging out in the whore house? Well you didn’t use to be, you still are. Because if you’re not, you get as far away from that as you can. So When you become a Muslim or a True Christian you come OUT of the world. And you form new relationships because the activity of that relationship is a higher activity. So when you tell me that you are a Muslim and I then I see you “Hangin” with those that are living a low life I know that you have not really accepted Islam yet. I know that. You’re using Islam but you’re not strong enough to come all the way in and a little strong to go all the way out. So you twix and tween. If you are going to come in come all the way. If you are going to go out go all the way. But this aint no hang out place. Using it as a cover. All you Sisters that are Muslim, your friends should be those that are trying to be right. If all of your friends are the wrong doers don’t tell me you are the righteous. Birds of the same feather, they hang jack. So if you want to get strong, be with those who are strong, if you want to stay weak, stay with those who will keep dragging you down to the old life that you used to live." Honorable Minister Farrakhan: How to Escape the Last Plague: Death


Nobody can take what's mine if I want it, I own it #Idothis