Sunday, 14 April 2013

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Name something you remove your ex’s name from after a breakup...

Diaability insur. sent me for 8hrs of tests over 2 days to see if I could go back to work. MISERABLE. Everything hurts from chin down. Can't hardly walk, can't raise my arms. Needless to say I totally bombed the tests

So I told Andy that I want to get a trampoline for the grand kids... he said no because that is just more stuff he has to move to mow... i said well maybe i want to exercise on it, he said you better go to monkey joe's...lmao

hopefully I can pull through... found a '97 Chevy Cavalier... hopefully I beat the others to it! There are only two issues ... which in my opinion are easy fixes.

I just dropped my phone and shattered the screen it wont even come on does anyone have one I can use till I can get mine replaced?
It is a Verizon

Tonight on a special 'Huckabee': The Governor reveals the enormous cost of ObamaCare. What impact will it have on jobs and your family? Join Mike Huckabee and a panel of experts for 'ObamaCare D.O.A.?' at 8p ET on Fox News Channel.

Had a therapy appointment & a Great meal... Now relaxing then gotta pack cause Mommy's coming to get me ❤

stay out of my life i herd you have been tlking about me when i first met you like you were supposed to be my sisster but you messed it up so yeah

dnt ever inlife fil insur 4 ur bf cuz ul get urself in shit n ur dignity goes down if a man meant to b urs eventualy he wl b cho nje

Am I staying in tonyt or has any1 got a plan ?

Address: MLS#: PID: 00424313069600012 List Price: Image unavailable MLS#: St: New Type: RES Rang. P: Area: GEOArea: PB23 Sub Type: C Orig. LP: Addr: City: West Palm Beach Zip Code: 33417 - 3137 Palm Beach Zoning: RES 00424313069600012 Legal: PINE RIDGE AT HAVERHILL BLDG 960 UNIT A2, Subdivision: E PINE RIDGE AT HAVERHILL Model Name: Lot Size: 43560 N Waterfront: N 0 Multi Offers Accptd: Dock#: Virtual Tour: Short Sale: N Short Sale Add: Hrdshp Pack: REO: N Living Rm: 19 x 14 Den: 0 x 0 Master BR: 13 x 12 Liv SqFt: 788 BR: 1 Kitchen: 10 x 8 Family Rm: 0 x 0 Bedroom 2: 0 x 0 Tot SqFt: 788 FB: 1 Dining Rm: 0 x 0 Florida Rm: 0 x 0 Bedroom 3: 0 x 0 Guest Hse: 0 HB: 0 Dining Ar: 0 x 0 Patio/Balc: 0 x 0 Bedroom 4: 0 x 0 Yr Built: 1984/ Utility: 0 x 0 Porch: 0 x 0 Bedroom 5: 0 x 0 Pool Size: 0 x 0 Pets: R Governing Bodies: CONDO Application Fee: $150 Tax Year/Amt: 2012/ $222 Spec Asmt: N HOA: M/ $397 / QTR Mbrshp Equity: $0 Poss: FUNDING, AT CLOSE Dir: Okeechobee to Haverhill N. Right on Sable Pine. 1st R, Unit is on the R Design: OTHER ARCH, WtrFrt: NONE Const: CBS View: Frnsh: UNFURNISHED Pool: Unt Desc: Interior: NONE Rooms: NONE MstBB: SEPSHOWER Dining: Floors: CARPET, VINYL TILE Equip: WASHER, DRYER, REFRIGERATOR, RANGE, DISHWASHER Lot De: Exter: SCRND BAL FeeIncl: COMMON AREA, LAWN CARE, TRASH REMOVL, INSUR-BLDG Restr: PET RESTR, 1 PET, 21-30 LB PET Secur: GATE-MANNED Mmbrsh: Heat: CENTRAL Cool: CENTRAL Boat Sv: Gst Hse: Roof: Util: 3-PHASE ELEC, PUBLIC WATER, PUBLIC SEWER , CABLE Parkg: ASSIGNED Spec: Taxes: COUNTY ONLY Wndw/Trmts: MH Feats: Subdv: POOL, TENNIS, CLUBHOUSE, SHUFFLEBOARD, MGR ON SITE Pend Dt: Clos Dt:

Why do my kids keep getting sick when we have no insurance? We only have no insur. for 3 mos and Ive been to the Dr's twice.

I could really use some advice from everybody about the accident on Monday. At this time, I don't know if I should talk to a lawyer or not and see what my options are. I know that the kid who pulled out in front of me, was cited by the state trooper for doing that (this is what the state trooper told me when I called him on Monday). Thus, this means he was the cause of the accident from what I understand of it. (I still have to wait another week to get a copy of the police report to see). I'm asking for everybodies advice because at this time, I don't have the money to buy another vechile and i'm only going to have the rental for alittle while. Because the kid was careless and didn't pay attention to the road, I'm out a vechile and NO way to buy another one at this time. My Escort needs alot of repair work and its going to take some time to get that road ready and don't have enough time and money to do it. What does everybody think I should do. Should I talk to a lawyer and see what my options are or should I forgive and forget. I'm not trying to hurt or ruin the kid or his family since they own a local business. (That is why I'm not say the kids name or the family na

Going to be at house all day, throwing out what used to be my families furniture and clothing,rented a 40 ft bin,for a few hundred bucks, have to get it done this weekend or fire restoration firm will do it for me for 10 X that. I have declined optional insurance, travel, big ticket items, CONTENTS, my whole life, it will never happen to me, WOW,was I wrong, remember peeps, its to soon for, I Told You So

I am never buying another windows pc again. Piece of shit.

Tell these bitchez i got no worriez
... i just wana hit n run like i got no insur

Somebody just hit my car and it was parked bit the kids on the block saw it all. Pissed...

I just got a notice from my auto insurance company, Mexico has raised the maximum a family can receive for an auto accident death from $75K to $300K. Rather dramatic and we can expect insurance rates to increase.

getting the kamun back from repro they fuck up my wife had insur it what dump asses they dont know black and white paper means

Ok tell me how effed up this is.. our realestate agent tells chuck that we have to go to her office to sign more papers.. chucks not feeling well again and her office is in cranberry.. well it turns out that we didn't have to sign anything cause we already signed everything.. that was a complete waste of time.. I could have been packing and cleaning.. what pisses me off the most is chuck sick and she knew it.. ugh that women drives me crazy..

Shopping for new insurance, home+auto, all suggestions welcome.

I hate obamacare..getting screwed have to pay 175.00 a week for health insurance we cant sucks leaves us broke every week..I dont get to sit at home collect welfare

So just got a insurance quote from state farm and with all four of us drivers and renters insur this guy is saving us $30 a month!!! Cheaper than Geico!!!

Car insurance shopping. Any suggestions? Has to be one out there that is cheaper than mine. Mine costs my left arm and right leg!!!!

water is useful of every bad life. when save the water and help the theres insur life panrnar in water that point commant or like my friends gud nit

Car insur. Paid now its time to go pay my lite bill n see what today brings so catch me in traffic

FanQ: I have a question about breast pumps. I'm looking to get one from my insurance. Right now I'm with the baby all day and just want to have supply for a future date night. But I could be needing to pump at work or school in the future. I would also like to be able to pump one side while I nurse the other. Here are my options.. Through Edgepark: Ameda Purely yours electric breast pump w/ or w/out carry all bag, Medela Advanced personal double breast pump (comes with bag), or the Playtex double electricbreast pump (of these I'm leaning towards Medela). From Genadyne I could get hospital grade Melodi advanced breast pump by Lucina. Or from Apria I could get a swing pump or pump in style.
I would like to hear any pros and cons about the pumps themselves as well as the companies. And also recomendation per my situation Thanks a million!!

Stop drivinge nuts, and fess up. U know who u are

I NEED HELP PLEASE---During the storm this week my niece got hit hard her ceiling in her bedroom fell down . Everything is wet and a lot was ruined . It's gonna take a lot of work and time to fix the situation from the roof down to kitchen has to be gutted n replaced if anyone knows any organizations that can help her out please let me know .
(Besides the Red Cross)
Thanks in advance ...

This is all publicly out on twitter. Spilt milk. Your wondering host has come to conclusions regarding the environment after seeing the movie Fall and Winter. I hope it wins a Nobel Peace Prize and I hope I help shift consciousness. I've
been ranting on twitter for the last 46 minutes. Going to make it easier for you to understand my points. Bottom "tweets" come first. Top most recent:

Doreen M Dupont MD @DrDoreenDupont 11m
New religion N3? NurtureNatureNOW.
Hawkings onlyPartiallyCorrect We can change destiny The earth canStill HEAL itself NeedsICU Call 4 nurses

Doreen M Dupont MD @DrDoreenDupont 14m
@OboyMary @AnimalAbusers Our entirePlanet isLoosing due2greed Started when we killed off all large animals & turned2agricul @FallWinterMovie

Doreen M Dupont MD @DrDoreenDupont 17m
My name isn'tHawkings but I doHav genes from Dr.Irving Cooper Studying #Seffner Sinkholes toldMe planetReally onWayOut RIP CANARY #JeffBush

Doreen M Dupont MD @DrDoreenDupont 20m
@Nobelprize_org #1 prority now is savePlanet PeaceWill follow second2 shift in consciusnes REcog @FallWint @algore asReality WeR criticleNOW

Doreen M Dupont MD @DrDoreenDupont 23m
To my GOP follwrs& tweeps: Is the concept of NATURE 2 hockuspockus 4U 2acknowledge? Ever camp/huntIn Woods?
Doreen M Dupont MD @DrDoreenDupont 26m
All my environmental follwrs HopOn We need expetidous change2 nurture Nature 2 save our planet Life heals if given a chance Dr. Speakng here

Doreen M Dupont MD @DrDoreenDupont 31m
@EPAwater @BarakObama__ @JoeBiden @algore @sierraclub @HillsboroughFL @Pontifex @FallWinterMovie @HRClinton @erinbrockovich1 AvertCatastr4$$

Doreen M Dupont MD @DrDoreenDupont 37m
@EPAgov @FLGovScott @VernBuchanan requir disclosu of H/O #sinkholes by county in all new real estate transactions there HALT
Doreen M Dupont MD @DrDoreenDupont 35m
@EPAgov @FLGovScott @VernBuchanan Call4 emrgen funding 2 assist risk of dangerous #sinkholes in @HillsboroughFL
Dont only rely SWFWMD4 info

Doreen M Dupont MD @DrDoreenDupont 38m
@EPAgov @FLGovScott @VernBuchanan Provide stipends4 res nearWater @HillsboroughFL 2get nonGovContracted engin 2survey4 #sinkholes&TaxCredits

Doreen M Dupont MD @DrDoreenDupont 41m
@EPAgov @FLGovScott @VernBuchanan MakeItVeryEasy & affordable 4resid of #seffner 2get enginer2survery priv property &afford #sinkhole insur

Doreen M Dupont MD @DrDoreenDupont 43m
@EPAgov @FLGovScott @VernBuchanan HilsbCo main conern is 2 ditch resppnsib therNot advocating \4 residents of FL. PR not grounded in reality

Doreen M Dupont MD @DrDoreenDupont 47m
@EPAgov @FLGovScott @VernBuchanan Hav envirEngin doTownHall in #seffner re #sinkholes resid havPTSD dont understnd DontSend @HillsboroughFL

On our way back home I'm just gonna take one day at a time and pray my back does not go out completely. Only god knows why things happen like they do I'm going to trust him

Hey friends - which dentist would you recommend for someone with an autism spectrum disorder, child or adult? Do they use sedation? Which insurances do they take?

F**k you tree branch for fallen on my car!


Not really having the best week. I didn't deserve this. Nobody deserves to get robbed and now I found out my parents homeowners insurance doesn't cover it. Fuck State Farm! Fuck the people who had the audacity to steal from us. Go fuckin burn in hell and die. I have bullets with your fuckin names on it!

Well I could fix a flat ...
Tio Ernie taught me that with a jack stand ... Wedo did it with me ... I mean I can';t afford gas insur tires and the list goes on

need 2 hands from Snyder to work pulling unit $ 18.50 hr great insur and pto any takers must be drug free

looks like my 1998 SUV will be sold tommorrow ..Crap I hope so I can take it off the insur... papers... I have over $7000.00 into this car ... everything work's all electric ... just need to move

So... Someone else has figured out a loophole in the car insurance system >:[ The owner of the truck had the employee/driver listed as an "unauthorized" driver. Long story short - it made the insurance company not liable for the damage to MY truck. They will investigate to see if the owner gets their insurance cancelled or not. Meanwhile... I get to flippin pay to fix my truck that someone else damaged. Happy? Hell no I'm not.

My son finally got a job, he went on the interview tonight n started working tonight..wonder if i still need to pay allowance now?

ATTENTION ! WE HAVE A DATE! Gary's knee surgery has been scheduled for Tues. Apr. 23(YAY!(Never thought we would be so excited to go the hospital!) Now, with only days to go, next week will be filled with lots of little visits to hosp, insur. and all other steps needed to get this done. So now with all this, I have 2 tickets for sale if anyone is interested to see, STYX, REO SPEEDWAGON, and TED NUGENT, on Thurs. APril 18th in Grand Forks. I paid $180 for these, if anyone is interested I will sell them for $130. YOu will be sitting with Gabe and Brenda Sattler, who will be celebrating their 33rd Wedding anniversary!! WAs so looking forward to being there with them! but... well this is a good reason to miss it! If interested in these tickets please message me or call me at 228-3107. Have a great Friday everyone, and a super great weekend!

Well right I am so disgusted we are at the hotel in little rock ready for surgery in the morn I get a call from surgern office said my insur denied my surgery I didn't meet the criteria couldn't tell me what that meant what's wrong with this story now what do I do I say I give up

finally for a company that will insur our trailer,all the quads,spare parts,tools right down to his helmet and the commander too at a pretty good price.

Yeah man so
Pimpin my eclipse
If I get my unemployment
Starting with lip spoilers!!!

Just got my phone bac for insur company hav no contacts or anything suks but fuckn stoked to hav it bac

O.P.E.R.S. is the biggest group of morons that I have ever had to deal with! They force you into this retirement system and they don't give a rat's ass about any of their members!