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If you need a divorce lawyer in Alexcity DO NOT use Diane or Tim Davis!!! I paid for my divorce 4 years ago, have been calling forever to get my paperwork and now they decide to tell me they NEVER filed it bc i didnt pay! I paid over $500 to get divorced and here it is 2 months before Im supposed to be getting married and they are f**king telling me this s**t??? Im beyond pissed off!

There is a certain fat-ass lazy lawyer and her client who need to get the fucking paperwork done like now. i have waited long enough. i don't give a fuck that they don't like what's been agreed upon. they agreed, now they need to get their asses in gear and get it over with so i can see my kids.

U skank bitch, laugh in court all u want cuz u bout to get hit with a reality check when my lawyer files these paper!!!

"It's not having the the will to win, it's having the will to do the work to win that enables a person to come in first place." -my smart Daddy-o discussing winning cases as a trial lawyer

<3<3<3 Precap Written Update <3<3<3

<3<3<3 ram , vikram , rishab and saumya with the lawyer , and they are waiting for Janwi the eye witness of ayesha and sidd's marriage , ram also added that priya went to bring janwi and just then ayesha came in and said if any important discussion is happening there ... <3<3<3

<3<3<3 Kat <3<3<3

Left court on top today, 1244a on my old felonies, time served.. Now I jus gotta deal wit this new shit... Too blessed to c stressed. Anybody need a bad ass lawyer tho, fucc wit (Omar Nawaz) he a fool...

My girlfriend hates it when I sneak up on her, and according to her lawyer she hates it when I call her my girlfriend!

Do you remember that Life does not have duplicate???????????? DRUNKER!!!Drink responsibly.............DRIVER!!!!!! Drive safely..............LAWYER!!! Think wisely .

Congratulations to Fred who was once again listed as a "Super Lawyer" in the most recent Washington Post Sunday magazine.

Do, you know that civil rights division. Can not defend an individual persons civil rights unless you sue. I'm talking about against law enforcement that decides to violate your civil rights, ie violating your privacy, falsifying information, basically can decide who deserves to have civil liberties in the United States, (Amazing facts) .......

The best lawyer indeed, Sen. Mutula Kilonzo gone. RIP.

lale and hilmi ari, i just discovered that in lieu of you all meeting with a lawyer as mother wants, you continue to manipulate and argue. this is absolutely not right. she is receiving sub-standard care under your health-care decisions and probably losing much of her money as well. her health care proxy needs to be changed to betty, mac, and benita, as she requested (and is recorded on tape). her financial affairs should be handled by a neutral party who has no interest in the money. shame on you, shame on you.

Please, no matter how bad you feel about it, do not just get mad, get a lawyer.

Well off to the lawyer, then to work, hope everybody has an awesome day

Buntu..nurse atau lawyer..!!!.

Ask a Lawyer Day at Raymond Village Library is tomorrow and
Mic Pongratz, a Raymond lawyer will be a the library from 12-2pm to answer questions about the law. Mic specializes in criminal defense, family law, civil litigation, personal injury and bankruptcy.

Feel free to drop by!!!!

I've been a bit bitchy lately and it really is my natural state. It gets tiring trying to be patient and kind all of the time. I need a job or activity where being bitchy is not only acceptable but useful. Any suggestions?

Those who say Tsatsu is not a good lawyer probably don't know him well. He is an ex-convict and a former cell legal adviser at Nsawam prisons.

So our apartment complex basically stole Dustin's jeep and won't pay to get it back. Any rich lawyer friends want some pro bono work?

I didn't know hearing from my lawyer today would make me this nervous! Staying positive that Monday will work out in my favor. God will be with me and my family and help guide us through!

HEY! I need to find a cheap weekly room near the quarter, QUICK. My roomie is psycho and it's time to fly! By the way I'am still quite poor from last falls round of hospitalizations, but about to start action on my law suite so could use lawyer references too!

What's Sir John trying to interpret here ? General Mosquito who is not a lawyer is better off. Instead of him closing his humming mouth nd learn the law fr Tsatu, he rather chose to limit himself to on radio litigations. #BlockHeaded#

I just seen sum crazy shit who u no that have ducks for pets im not talkin bout not 1 or 2 but 3 of them where do they do that at wow

Sick to my stomache right now,i just found out i was denied SSI when there are drug dealers and crackheads that never worked a day in there life got it. A person like me never did anything with drugs and worked all my life that has a serious medical condition that actually made me lose two jobs in a row and had doctors write notes i am unable to work with this condition. I had over 250 seizures now in 9 years many trips to hospital by ambulance to get stitches in my head.All i can say is the american government is corrupt as shit.

Babey aye got a lawyer not an Attorney 'when are we making babies already 'ok 'okayy Tayla.. :)

This week i hv lost my Grama and the sm day this Nation lost prominent Lawyer Sir MUTULA! Wht aweek, but wea all heading there one day one tme! Rem no man can cause dead unless GOD accept the attept. And whver ends ones life he or she will also die 1dai!

A joke for you my friends ...

A doctor, a lawyer and a manager were discussing the relative merits of having a wife or a mistress. The lawyer says: "For sure a mistress is better. If you have a wife and want a divorce, it causes all sorts of legal problems."

The doctor says: "It's better to have a wife because the sense of security lowers your stress and is good for your health."

The manager says: "You're both wrong. It's best to have both so that when the wife thinks you're with the mistress and the mistress thinks you're with your wife - you can go to the office and do some work....

Who is footing the bill on high-profile lawyer Clarke representing the Boston bomber?

We a very good lawyer for our mistakes, but good judges for the mistake of others

I think i picked the right lawyer for my family case, After reading some of the file and talking to her, her words were "Bitches be Crazy" I just might not get exactly what i am asking for, but at the same time get every thing i want, Which is fine with me, Because all i want is what is fair and right and in the best interest of my son. And to put some rest to all this stressful B.S.

Apparently I'm blocked from commenting on the brony convention's Facebook page now. Went ahead and submitted the situation as a news tidbit to Equestria Daily. Not sure it'll even get run, but hey, if the con chair's going to ignore me maybe someone else won't.


Need a good criminal lawyer in KC...whos got one?! Let me know asap...need a conviction set aside

They Ask Me Why A Dj, "U could've studied to be a doctor a lawyer". I Reply "Love Is A Powerful Word/Force, An I Love Music...*

So this guy is telling our son that "mommy doesn't love him" Because I won't take him back. What a quack!! He even went as far to asking Kelton if he "wants mom and dad back together" and Kelton said "No" and then goes and tells him that "he'll never seen his grandma again" Who does that? That is emotionally and psychologically abusing your child. And he believes that is ok, because he's telling him the truth. NO!! What do i do? Who can I talk to about this? I've already made an appointment with Kelton's teacher for tomorrow. But I want to take the appropriate steps to ensure Kelton's safety, emotionally.

I need the name for an experienced lawyer licensed in Connecticut for a personal injury case. Any recommendations, please contact me at jwbroatch@rsds.org. Thank you!

This is a conversation between
lawyer Quarshie Idun(EC lawyer) and
his son.
Son: Daddy when i grow up i want
to be like Dr. Bawumia.
Lawyer: Shut up,i don't want to hear
that name again in this house.
Son: But he is very clever,daddy?
Lawyer: keep quiet,look at the way
he is making me sweat in court.Do u
want to raise my pressure and kill
me? if u mention his name again i
will not pay your school fees again.
Son: Don't worry daddy,they will
win the court case and bring free

First day of court, surgeon testified regarding guys injury. God is good I was able to hear MD's testimony ( no bbsitter so I had to take Noah to court) was able to inform lawyer to check if EMG NCV was done to confirm nerve injury and how DASH is subjective and that nerves regenerate. so far it looks good but we still have 11 witnesses to go. so please continue to pray for julian and our family. Thank you for all those who have shared passages from the scriptures. I know that at the end of this God will be given glory. Your prayers have given our family strength in knowing that we have friends praying for us. God bless us all and may your prayers be answered as well. Those bible passages have given me strength and reinforced my faith and trust in God. I have never doubted Him and I know this will all pass. I have already seen good come out of it today. God works in ways that we humans sometimes don't understand.

I am so ready to meet with my lawyer next week . Her name is Leslie as well , how odd . I am in a hurry to get this divorce finalized . I need to be loved by a man . I realize I have never had that because the way I was treated with my x proves it wasn't love . People that love you don't throw sodas on you , choke you, smack you , keep you held captive in your own house , try and put your car in the on coming traffic lane while you are driving , and with yalls kid in the back seat, they wouldn't cheat on you , nor would they make repeated threats to harm you and enjoy to degrade you . Thank Jehovah for men he makes over .

Sandy Rose-Murphy posted and is looking for advice/help. She says: "ok I need some help. I have a son who was put in a self contained classroom here in Aurora Colorado after a 5 month residential stay. I just left the teachers for a meeting which he started on April 12 of this year to the school his IEP is not set up to be done until May 15 (which does NOT make me happy at all!!!) I just got an incident report where they had to restrain my sn which started at 1:29pm and didn't end until 2:15pm. it states a CPI holod wa used but don't state which CPI hold was used. They put him in a steel time out box which the school usues and locked him in either by a teacher holding the door shut or by a lock on the door there IS a window in the door but I am floored!! This school is setting my son up to end up going back into the hospital and I'm lost for words but by far NOT lost with emotions with all this!!!! Anyone in this area who can help me????/"

Has writing a will been on your To-Do list? Local lawyer and estate
planning expert Michelle-Shari Kruss will discuss how to take common sense measures to plan for your future and protect your loved ones. Wednesday, May 1st, 7-9 p.m. in the Burgess Community Room.

I wanna give a shout out to my Lil cuz Chase Wilson. Congratulations on your first four years of college. I wish you luck on your next 2!! I love you bub!! Do Work!!! It will be nice to have a lawyer in the family. Will definitely save me some money!! Lol

Is there a way to turn off the pokes on Facebook? Jodi poked me a bajillion times yesterday.

Lawyer + phone bill printouts + fb messages = we AIN'T never scared! U just hate we happy!


Syracuse law would restrict employers' use of criminal background checks
By Tim Knauss | tknauss@syracuse.com The Post-Standard
on February 06, 2013 at 5:05 PM, updated February 28, 2013 at 6:04 PM
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See this 'Ban the Box' update from Feb. 28

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Two city councilors today proposed legislation that would make it illegal for any Syracuse employer to ask a job applicant whether he or she has been convicted of a crime -- unless the employer is ready to offer that applicant a job.


Al Campanie / The Post-Standard Councilors Jean Kessner and Khalid Bey said their so-called “ban the box’’ law -- the first of its type in the state -- would prevent job discrimination against ex-convicts, which is generally illegal under state law already.
The local law would add specifics. By deferring questions about past crimes until after a conditional job offer has been made, the law would give ex-convicts a better chance to impress potential employers, Bey said. “What we’re saying is, allow them an opportunity to demonstrate their talent,’’ he said.

Business leaders quickly attacked the idea. And Mayor Stephanie Miner, whose employees would be tasked with enforcing the law and fining violators, expressed annoyance that she was not consulted before the measure was put on the council agenda.

Under the proposed law, an employee from the city’s department of neighborhood and business development would be responsible for enforcement. First-time violators would be fined $500, and second violations would bring a $1,000 fine.


Michelle Gabel Tim Carroll director of mayoral initiatives, said the councilors did not discuss any details with the mayor’s office before proposing the local law. “Now it’s, clean up on aisle three,’’ Carroll said.
The proposed law sparked an “outcry’’ among businesses affiliated with CenterState CEO, the local economic development group, said Rob Simpson, president.

“I think it’s onerous,’’ Simpson said. “I think it’s bureaucratic. The outcry I’ve heard from our members this morning is that they don’t want to see something like this happen.’’

But 44 cities in seven states already have “ban the box’’ laws, a phrase that refers to the box on a job application indicating a criminal conviction, said lawyer Alan Rosenthal of the Center for Community Alternatives. Rosenthal worked with Kessner and Bey on the proposed local law.

Kessner cautioned that consideration of the law is “still at the very beginning stage.’’ She will schedule a committee meeting soon to allow more public discussion.

Newark, N.J., enacted legislation similar to what Syracuse is considering, Rosenthal said. Syracuse would be the first city in New York to adopt it, he said. New York City has a similar law for municipal employees only.

Like Newark’s law, the Syracuse legislation would apply to all employers -- public or private -- who conduct business or hire employees in the city.

Employers could inquire about the job applicant’s criminal history only after determining that the job is “of such sensitivity’’ that the inquiry is warranted. And employers could not inquire about criminal background at the beginning of the application process, but only at the end.

“An employer shall not make an inquiry regarding a candidate’s criminal history prior to extending the applicant a conditional job offer,’’ the draft legislation says.

“We do this as an employer, so I know it works,’’ Rosenthal said of the Center for Community Alternatives, which has about 100 employees.

Rosenthal said employers who consider the new law burdensome might be unaware of the non-discrimination provisions of existing state and federal laws. Violations are commonplace, he said.

“You all have been living in a dream world -- not in compliance with what is already required by New York state,’’ he said. “This brings it all under one piece of legislation and makes it really easy for you to comply.’’

Myron Isaac, president of Diesel House, a nonprofit group that provides alternatives to incarceration and works with at-risk youths, said people with criminal backgrounds often face discrimination. Those who can find jobs have a better shot at avoiding a return to prison, he said. “We need to at least get something to balance the playing field,’’ he said.

Lawyer: Former ricin suspect's home is unlivable http://bit.ly/12irOhb