Friday, 5 April 2013

Motor insurance Facebook Status

Wife wanted to rent a jet ski so I just bought one off craigs list for same price with a trailer

I want to wish everybody a happy reserection day wished I could be with my cornerstone Family tomorrow But I don't have insur or tags on my cycle yet' so will all my brother's and sister's please keep me in prayers that I pass my written test so I can get my motor cycle Endorsement I will be doing this the 3rd I love you all' And I miss you I trust Jesus for this But please keep me in your prayers' I have alot going on right now thank you God bless!!!!

The Bus will be my best friend until a miracle happens. The motor is gone in my car and looking at about $3000 in repairs...fml

Well seeing how im turning 30 next month i figured its about time to see the doctor and get my physical done...its been years scence ive seen a doctor but have had no i hope n pray he says im as healthy as i feel :)

Food stamps? Really? Food stamps haven't been printed for nearly 20 years anyway. They give out credit cards and call them food stamps. But, since the people that complain about them have never been unfortunate enough to need assistance to survive it's no surprise they'll complain about it. The real issue with Government assistance? The health care end of it. When I was down on my luck and we had to go on assistance, that 'insurance' trumped the insurance I pay nearly $450 a month for now. We didn't get billed anything and barely any, or no co-pays for prescriptions. If we should complain about anything it's the fact that we're constantly teased with the idea our government is gonna reform health care! My solution? Force all the insurance companies to consolidate into one company. Then use half the money we normally use to pay the insurance vultures now along with the money we're 'taxed' for health care assistance and VIOLA! We have what's known as universal health care... DUH. It almost hurts to see how ignorant some of these people can be to one another. That'll be 50 cents, please.
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