Wednesday, 8 May 2013


noakhalir chapraser hat esmail degre colleg ar ten set aj sondai tupan ar somoi benaga gece.o a alakai bepok khoikote hoece.Dt.08.05.13

HI Admin...plz post this funny incident happened today ...

24 yrs,

Today was my exam ....and kuch pada to tha nahi to main farre(chits) banaa ke le gaya tha bht saare ghar se....and in examination centre whn i looked into question papr.... i was surprised that mere farre main se 50 -60 marks ka aaya hua hai ....maine sab chep diya...and jo baaki bache hue question maine aage peeche waalo se puch liye...kasam se pure 100 marks attempt kiya...and i m too much sure dat i will score 75+.... nw dat is a smart work

And guess what nw i m Making farre for my nex

Ab aa jaayo Jin jin CH***yo ne ulta seedha comment karna hai...common

Admin- ye funny tha???? -_-
kiss angle se?? :p

Hey guys tel me kon 2 c univ. K msc k form nikle h any1 knw tel me

hi guys !! come on lets chat !! abused will be banned !! reports vastunnayi abuse ga matladhutnnaru ani valla ban cheyyalsi vasthadi . so pleasant ga chat cheddam .

A kid was looking at his mom's ID card.
was written SEX-F.
He then starts to laugh.

The mom asks why he was laughing:
He said i cant believe u r
so bad in Salman Khan
u got an F.

hahahahahahahaha :O :P

admin @ preeਤ ਮੂltaਨੀ

A very small degre of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love

So these UNIMA students r askin 65grand allowances per month? koma do they really know the startin salary of a University Graduate in Govt? Mwina sakudziwa anawa.Ana inu mukamaliza xul dats wen u"l c kuti moyo siwophweka kunjaku.There z no way a mere student azilandira zoposa sm1 who got the 'mkango'(UNIMA degree),no way,no way no way!!!!////truth,only but the truth/////

süper parcaa dinlemeye degre

Schanzé Elysées has selected Nawaz Sharif as his favourite leader of Pakistan.
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Finds evarena satavahana digree results link pettandi pls

I do not support Imran Khan for these reasons !!! (38 posts)

I initally started supporting Imran Khan but soon I realised that he is not what he pretends to be,

I disgree with Imran's motives of fooling around this nation such as,

IK said he will not take corrupt politicians in his party
Ejaz Khan Jazi his first found diamond is head of Kabza mafia in Rawalpinidi, Faiz Taman was kicked out from PMLN as fake degre holder, Tariq Kiani nazim in Rawalpindi from Musharaf party now joined PTI and so on,
What is all this happening .. these people are going to bring change.. Oh my God.. how can one believe these people.

IK said I am fighting against status quo parties
When army concord Pakistan in 1999, Mian Azhar was the first to support Musharaf, Azhar broke PML and formed PMLQ, He was the first man who supported status quo and Imran Khan will fight with him against status quo.. Brilliant !!!

Imran Khan said he is clean
He openly written in his book he helped his xBrother-in-law for gambling because party was in debt and then he used that money to pay off party debts. If he is clean then who is dirty?

Imran Khan says he always talks truth !!!
he always lies about tax and assets declaration of Nawaz Sharif, yet he never presented those proof on media. His truth is nothing more than crafted allegations, if he has got any proof show to nation and stop wasting everyone's time. Or yes better let supreme court decide if he is true or not.

Imran KHan talks about morality
same time he talks so rubbish that he forgets decency while differ to others. Things such as Zardari ko k*ut*A kehna Ku*ay ki toheen ha.. such language leave great footsteps for his follwers that is why most PTI supporters abuse others and expect kind words for Imran Khan?

He is using baseless allegations on PMLN to gain votes, I hope PMLN will go into court against him very soon.


Please do not abuse , we can always differ respectfully !!!

hi frnds

this is one of our page fan req :)

(Bayya na fmly prblmslo vundi nenu job cheskntu stdy cheyalanukuntnanu so adaina wrk vunte chupnchandi plz
my nmbr 9666354448)

his fb id

i like his intention .... meeku emaina telsi unte athaniki inform cheyandi :)

plz share dhe post degre n p.g students.

Am a Proud Ambassador of NWU S.I Thanks to this Successors#

Notre atmosphère terrestre s’apprête, courant mai, à passer une barre historique, celle des 400 ppm de gaz carbonique (CO2), le principal gaz à effet de serre (GES). Un seuil jamais franchi depuis… plus 2, 5 millions d’années, c'est-à-dire à l’époque des australopithèques, les premiers représentants du genre humain.

Ek sanjeeda post...

ager ap khabrain etc perhtay ho tau shayad apko maloom ho k PTI pml Q aur ppp say punjab me kae maqam per seat adjustment ker rehi hay

just aa grnd alliance against PML N...

in dono parties k lotay jama ker k in dono parties say itehad ker k PTI naya pakistan bna rehi hay big joke...

hosh kero is say pehlay pani sir say oncha ho jaye...

shair k ilawa kisi b party ko vote denay ka matlab yehi hay k aap pichlay 13 saal say hukumran logo ko aik aur mauqa dain...



plz post it,dis is the 2nd time i mesaged u that post..i m in love vid a girl from last 2 yrs..n v used to talk daily for hours without even delay for a single day.. she knw that i m in love vid day she forcibly asked me..that do u like me??seriously m shocked,i dnt knw even what to after sm tym i proposed her...she neither acetd nor refused,itz lik everythng changed after that propose..she said that v r nt from same caste so v nt gona make future n if v cnt then there is no meaning to cntinue this relation..i asked her-do u love me?bt everytym she gave me the sm reply that v nt gona make future,after smtym her msc degre cmplete n she went back to her home,nw i hv no cntact vid her,i tried a lot of tym to forget her bt i cnt,i cnt live without her..i love u yr..plz cm back,i hv her phn no bt cnt make a cl to her bcoz i dnt want that her family members put up ques to her about me..n make her dif to what cn i do??

Today i felt the real power of TIME..... it can destroy or built anyone!!!

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Who will you vote for? Have you made up your mind?

Ayieen yetefeteriew azuroo lemayet nieew.

In 2018
Bikari: bhagwan k nam pe kuch de do
Engineer: le meri ki degre rakh le
Bikari: nhi chaiye tujhe chaiye to meri ki rakh le...

bEggaR kinDneSs...<3


amar fb friend k k degre 1st admison neban......

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Im so tiard of being talkedt o and treated like shit by all the people around me... Im finaly numb to it.... You guys just keep kicking me whike im down and talking to me and treating me dirty but ive been to soft hearted to all of you i always find ways to justify how im being treated and always wind up blaming myself well im over being treated that way...NOW its my turn you guys have made a monster out of me im gonna start swing back you guys do it to me everyday with absolutly no remorse what so ever.... Well beware its my turn im out to hurt you and do the things that have been done to me with no fucking remorse you dont like what im doing move the FUCK OUT im out to blast every peice of your heart..... One certain person will know who im talking about on Christmas of 2012 I went to jail I got charged with battery cause I got in a fight with this persons siister cause this person owes her money This person was suppose to come bail me out but didnt instead this person went and filled one of my. scripts sold them and left my ass in jail for 28 days never came to see me never brought me no money just left me there and went on a drug spree and moved someone else into my home and says he didnt cheat but whatever I know better bitch was sleeping in my bed on my side shes hiding now the day I got o r out of jail I called him to come pick me up he said he was on his way it was 12 degreè out side he never did show up to get me so his dad came got me then I learned my home had burned nobody has seen him and I lost custody of my son and had to hunt my daughter down after finding out she had only been to school 1 time while I was in jail and it took me 2 weeks to find him and my car only to find out they were running drugs out of my car then when I found him to take my car he gets in and wont get out and now. he wants me to work on things with him he litterly kicked me while I was down and out with only way of communication was a letter but when Ii got to go in my home all the letters were laying on the kitchen table unopened he wants forgivesness I dont believe theres any there what do you think so he knows its not just me and this is just how im being treated by 1 person... So in Feb 13 while I was out of jail and he was around me and I wasnt getting to see or talk to my kids i became selfish and extremly depressed because of what all I had been through I tried to overdose and almost succeed I wound up in the hospital by myself once again and all I remember is them asking me if I qas ready to go home too my children on this one im very sorry it will never happen again but one of you are holding resentment on me and treating me extremly bad because I wound up in jail funny thing is I never touched her but law is one goes you both go please child you have gotta let up on me and try to fix our lives you guys have made me numb to life...... PLEASE STOP AND HELP ME STOP PUSHING ME OVER THE EDGE IDK HOW TO MAKE ANY OF YOU HAPPY but im trying my hardest... but everybody else be ready to go through hell

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Hye frnds ..m gng to leave my degre + colg frndz i wl realy mis u ol !! Spcly my dear hostlers!! Luv u ol! ;( ;(

Bordeaux 9h30 et il fait deja 18 degre quel bonheur!!!!!!!!!

.Ka thiam thar ve a.. Hihi
[[xatmutterflip]] [[xatraspberry]] [[xattwitch]] [[xatprayy]] [[xatdizzy]]

Kainit dri negros oriental oi...u.

whats you current Statu..???

1. Single.
2. Committed.
3. Confused :)

know i should be asleep right now but too excited to sleep...leaving around 9hrs from now for Baltimore with Becca for a nice little much needed get-a-way...aquarium science museum and an observation tower with a 360 degre veiw of Baltimore plus whatever else catches our eye to do.... <3

How can it go from 23 degre yesturday tae pissin doon the day!

Comment with the name of the player you like most mo kampeng ya magosi.oo mo ratang go gaisa!!and tell me sengwe fela se o se gakokogelwang ka ene mo lebaleng

sree guru prasann degre college bhalki

Are you interested in studying in the United States? Georgetown University is offering a full scholarship to a student from sub-Saharan Africa to enter the University's Master of Science in Foreign Service program.

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True fact

class 10:- are ee oka year chadura life manchiga njy cheyochu

inter:- are 2yrs kastapadu lyf njy cheyochu

graduation :- kevalam e graduation cmplte chey ra lyf njy cheyochu

pst graduation:- degre chesi em chestav ra pst graduation chey taravata njy chey

aftr graduation:-
are siggu lekunda njy chestunav job evadu chestadu

Muri sei nacho chando ini ndakuvara

4131948 this weirdo keeps texting my phone and calling have no clue who they are. Straight stalker if you know thos person please let me know who they are so me or my husband can kick their ass for stalking me! #fuckingidiots